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12 09, 2017
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics OEM

Finished Vehicle Logistics: A Peaking Industry?

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Although it is a staple of the modern transportation industry, finished vehicle logistics continues to represent a unique approach to handling damages and hold management. For those who may not be familiar with this term, finished vehicle logistics refers to all of the activities taking place after a new consumer vehicle leaves the factory until

12 06, 2017

An Insider’s Look at Profitability in Auto Transport

As in any business, being profitable is the name of the game.  Auto transport is probably the toughest business in trucking and it requires expensive, specialized equipment with fewer shippers.  A successful auto transport company must be more deliberate in their operations.  Auto transport companies have the potential to make a lot more money than

5 12, 2016
  • Holiday

Spending the Holiday on the Road

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Merry Christmas! Whether you are a long-haul or short-haul driver, you might be missing your holiday traditions this year. We all have to work and make money right? So as bad as it may seem, if you have a family back at home that you can't be with, use these short tips to make the

25 08, 2016
  • trucker hotel parking

Two Resources to Help Auto Transporters Find Hotels

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Many auto transporters use hotels while on the road. But finding a truck friendly hotel can be a challenge – especially for low clearance car hauler trailers.  I’m going to tell you about two resources that I use when I want to find a truck friendly hotel anywhere in the U.S. Resource 1: Hotels4Truckers.com helps

13 07, 2016
  • convertible mixed trailer

Convertible Trailers and New Revenue

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Convertible Trailers For the longest time convertible trailers in the United States ran into a lot of legislation hurdles and regulations prohibiting their use. This particularly made it difficult for CTM (Convertible Trailer Manufacturers) to do business here. Before diving deeper into the exciting changes that are coming to this industry, lets get some definitions

7 06, 2016
  • autonomous

Tech Update Series Week 3: Autonomous Vehicles

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What they are going for In my other article: Drones, Amazon, and transport I discussed some of Amazon's breakthroughs with their drones. Yet there is no worry about these coming into the trucking industry. They will be capable of very light-weight duties, such as maybe loads around 50-100lbs. For a LTL load around 1,000lbs the