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We are getting input from our users and our system is getting stronger every day! We are implementing new features as per our users’ requests.

GoPhore will soon have the ability to have your own Terms of Service on your BOLs or to use our plug and play version.

We also have it in our queue to add a feature for the vehicle markup. Depending on the type of vehicle you will have the ability to select what type of markup diagram you are using (This will also grab the body style from the VIN to save you time). So if you are picking up a pickup truck, van, coupe, etc, you will markup that body style, not a sedan.

We love your input and are striving to improve our system to fit your needs.

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Niles Schambers is here to bring you fresh content. Including but not limited to Technology, Driver well-being, management and life hacks. Niles is the Vice President at Auto Carrier Software.

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