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Hurricanes, Levees, and You

With the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina rapidly approaching it seems appropriate to write this article. Not only to remember the more than 1,800 people that lost their lives on August 29th, 2005.  But, to also try to help truckers, families, homeowners and anyone interested in some quick survival necessities.

Granted a lot of people evacuated successfully, yet there was an improper amount of disaster preparedness supplies remaining in the city.  Everyone that stayed (or got left behind), was stuck in a situation that left them low and wet.  Let’s discuss what you should have on hand that will make a potentially life-saving difference if a disaster strikes.

1.) A Disaster First Aid Kit

Please do not skim over this part. As you might be thinking, “Okay I have one of those easy, I’ll just check that off this list!” -hopefully not you.   When you are preparing for a disaster your $10 kit with Band-Aids and ointment in it, most likely will not be enough. Other items to consider:

  • Needle and thread / Sutures
  • A lighter
  • Pain / Allergy Medication
  • Backup supply of your prescription meds

For more help ensuring this step is fully prepared, make sure to check out the Redcross Website

“When you are preparing for a disaster your $10 kit with Band-Aids and ointment in it, most likely will not be enough.”

2.) Light Sabers!

Okay, sorry the Stars Wars fanboy just showed his colors. I meant flashlights / torches. You are going to want at least three different types.

  1. A strong LED D-cell flashlight
  2. A good headlamp
  3. Last but not least, a wind-up flashlight

3.) A knife and flint

Time to go back to the stone age. A lighter is not always accessible and what if you are stuck somewhere really cold and cannot get out of it? If nothing else you can look pretty cool at a camp fire if you can start the fire without matches. Learn how to properly setup and a light a fire bundle here.

In addition to starting a fire, a knife is the perfect disaster preparedness tool.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with a knife: hunt, carve, cut, self-defense, create shelter, etc.

4.) Water, Water, Water

It can never be said enough that water is essential.  There is the rule of three’s; you can survive 3 weeks without food and only 3 days without water.  So make it simple on yourself.  Store a couple gallons in your cab and also purchase a water purifier pump / tablets.  Never go out without a backup supply period.

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