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Web Tracking, What is That?

Web Tracking is simply a mechanism for people to view status updates, last known locations, pictures, and invoices. When you order something online you would typically receive a UPS or FedEx tracking number that you enter on their website and see the last known location for your item. Pretty nifty for the onlinecompanies and/or Ups and FedEx right? They don’t have to take phone calls because everything is viewable on the web!

How Do I Offer Tracking to My Clients?

Sit back and relax. GoPhore has integrated with www.MyEzTrack.com. We pass them data and your clients are able to get real-time tracking updates within seconds of events happening.

What does this mean for my business?

This simply means that you will be picking up the phone less often. Your clients can now be self-servicing. They can check information about their cars easily from a web browser. This is a value add for your business. When someone asks, “why should I go with your company to ship my car?” You can simply tell them what separates you from the rest. “Mr. and Mrs. Jones, you can view your car’s movements on the web at any time you would like. Without having to call or email us for updates.”

What Updates Will They See?

The following are the updates your clients will see on the tracking website:

  • BOL Created.
  • BOL Assigned to Trip – 141012
  • Driver at Pickup Location – 02:29 PM 07/29/2015
  • Vehicle(s) En route.
  • Driver at Delivery Destination – 08:34 PM 07/30/2015
  • Vehicle(s) Delivered.
  • ePoD Generated and Sent

In addition to this, they can print and view the Bill of lading / Order paperwork on the web.  They can also see all the photos the driver took of the vehicle(s), with the driver mobile app.

Don’t Want To Use GoPhore?

No Problem, MyEzTrack.com offers their Customer Service Cloud Layer to anyone with their own system. Contact them for more details about setting up EDI and pricing.

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