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I believe it is safe to say that most, if not all of us, use technology in our day to day life. Depending on your perspective it is either the most useful, entertaining thing in the world since sliced bread; or it is a nuisance and gets in your way. any way you slice it technology is here to stay and all industries are moving rapidly towards the most modern tech available. Just take a look in your cab, it is amazing how technologically advanced some of yours are! While not all are as fancy as some, the majority of us have smartphones.

What this means for the industry

The trucking industry as whole has been soaring forward with the pace of implementing new technology. Hold onto your seats, because if you haven’t implemented new technology you will be very soon. Just go to any truck show like the Mid-America Trucking Show and you will be able to see all different kind of additions for your rigs (p.s. Booth# 66129 if you want to meet me in March! 🙂 ). Now let’s look at the actual logistics portion of technology.

Technology and the Auto Hauling Industry

The auto hauling industry is one of the last to adopt new technologies. For the most part, they are still using paper, pens and sticky notes for their paperwork. That’s where GoPhore comes in. GoPhore is a full software suite that enables dispatchers, drivers, and even customers to have a more enjoyable and streamlined experience when transporting cars. (…okay Niles really are you trying to sell us right now? Stop it…) I know but bear with me this is more of a concept to practice upgrade for the whole industry.

GoPhore App


Firstly, please consider how you currently do your dispatching. Is it with pen and paper, or even a spreadsheet that can easily get lost in the mix of managing drivers? In this system, it enables data entry clerks and dispatchers a single online portal to manage all of their orders, create manifests, and dispatch to their drivers’ driver mobile App. It enables them to have a simple drag and drop interface for pushing loads out to drivers.

Drag and Drop


Okay, I get it, some of you are drivers reading this right now going, “Come on Niles, tell us something we didn’t already know.” To you I apologize but did you know that GoPhore is enabled to allow you to see every pickup/delivery you have in real time from your dispatchers. You can do vehicle markups, capture signatures, take damage photos, markup damage photos, and a bunch more all from your Android or Apple mobile device. Now that is technology!


Customer Service Cloud Layer(CSCL): When you complete an action like: create an order, pick up a car, deliver a car, etc. MyEzTrack.com will automatically email the client with a status updates! So you clients are completely in the fold of where and when their cars are going to be delivered. This is all driven by the GoPhore web and GoPhore driver application.


We are 100% AIAG compliant for OEM connections. So if you deal directly with manufacturers you are taken care of completely. So ask yourself, “does my current system do any of this and should I modernize?” More and more industry professionals are requiring you to be compliant with ePODs and this is one mechanism to fulfill that need.

Don’t be left in the dust by your competition, modernize your company’s systems.

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Niles Schambers is here to bring you fresh content. Including but not limited to Technology, Driver well-being, management and life hacks. Niles is the Vice President at Auto Carrier Software.

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