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Having an application connect with QuickBooks is essential to your company’s growth and productivity. Have you ever had an application that does not integrate? Ugh… what a pain and time consuming. You have to double enter all of your orders into QuickBooks and consumes your accountant’s time. If you ask me that can be

a bit frustrating. I mean come on, why do twice the work when you can have it done for you with a click of the button? You could ask any data entry clerk, would they rather enter their orders once, or twice? I’m pretty sure you know the answer.

Don’t be like Joe… Joe is a frustrated accountant.
QuickBooks not integrated =
Quickbooks Accountant
Frustrated accountant

How this could help you

When you integrate your Transportation Management Software into any form of accounting, like QuickBooks, your company doesn’t have to worry about losing money. You have a much larger database of reports and can keep your thumb on the heartbeat of your company.

What if I don’t use QuickBooks?

Depending on how you keep track of your accounting information, you should always talk to your software provider about integration or adding features to their software. Just like how GoPhore has the ability to invoice within its own system, a feature that is coming very soon as of this writing.

Unplugging from the office

Did you know that majority of software is moving to a SAAS (Software as a Service) model? This includes your accounting software.  QuickBooks Desktop is moving to “QuickBooks Online.” So GoPhore is following suit and becoming integrated with your online accounting provider. We go where you go: Desktop, mobile, tablet, on the road, in a hotel, or in the Bahamas (my favorite option). Take your work with you and stop worrying about being auditing.  It is time to modernize your company to keep up with your competition.

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