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It is common in today’s pop culture to speculate about an impending apocalypse.  From nuclear annihilation to the Mayan calendars ending in 2012.  We for some reason like to think about the chaos.  Yet we overlook one of the most obvious and intriguing incidents to possibly occur in America.  and no, I am not talking about a zombie apocalypse, leave that for Hollywood.  Let’s look at what happens when America’s trucking industry is disrupted and there are no more truckers.


Truckers haul 10 billion tons of every item consumed every year.  Which equates to $671 Billion worth of goods every year.

24 Hours

Hospitals will run out of basic supplies such as syringes.  Gas stations would run out of fuel and gas prices would skyrocket.  Food shortages would begin in grocery stores.  Manufacturers would have item shortages, thus stopping that industry.  Yeah, it would literally be that fast.  There are a lot of industries that need items replenished multiple times per day.

2 – 3 Days

ATMs would run out of cash.  Banks could not process transactions.  Garbage would pile up in suburban areas. All transportation would grind to a halt.  Supplies and food would disappear from retailers completely.

4 – 5 Days

Significant shortages forcing places to shut down and consumer fear and panic starts to kick in.  Without fuel emergency services will be crippled, jeopardizing the safety of the public. Airlines will be grounded due to lack of supplies.

1-4 Weeks

Drinking water will start to run dry, depending on where you live.

There after would be BAD

Total cultural shutdown.  Unless you were prepped for this you would be having a really hard time surviving in these conditions.  It would essentially send us back to the stone-ages and that is frightening.  Did you know how much we rely on the trucking industry?  There is a lot more to learn than just what is listed here.  List what else would be disrupted in the comments section below.

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