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An Overview of an ePOD

Proof of deliveries has been around for a very long time. In their simplest form, an ePOD is just a method to verify that an item has been delivered to the intended recipient. Once technology started to become integral to our day to day life, delivery services started to implement it for their systems. Hence, making ePOD software and capturing signatures with tech rather than paper.

How it effects industry

There is a lot of legal standing in a proof of delivery. When you sign for one, that means you are releasing the shipper from the responsibility of the goods delivered. In the United States, DHL, UPS and FedEx as well as the US postal service (USPS) provide proof of delivery. Commercial fleet operators also need to be able to confirm proof of delivery of goods to their customers. If you sign for something without checking it, it is a lot more difficult to make a claim down the road. So always check your goods.

The future of ePOD

With technology being at our fingertips, most industries are starting to become more and more regulated. When you ship for manufacturers they usually have a lot of rules behind accepting ePODs. You have to ensure that your software provider is compliant. Just like how GoPhore is compliant with AIAG standards for working with OEM car manufacturers. Same with data logistics companies such as Norad, ICL, WWL, etc.

What this means for you

The earlier you start looking for an ePOD solution the better off you will be. You are essentially “future proofing” your logistics company. Setting up EDI with manufacturers makes this even more efficient. Another great problem that is solved by doing this is that your company can automate so many facets of billing. Future Proof your Company Today!

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