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MATS 2016 is coming right up!

We are going to be in booth# 66129!

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So you have no excuse not to come see us. Well, you kind of do if it is serious, but otherwise, see you at our booth!

The largest trucking show in America

In the three years that we have been going to MATS, we have realised that it is massive compared to any other show in the north America. So large that it literally can take you all three days to see everything. yet, you still might not get a chance to. There are so many people and so many booths, it can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully the event does give you a huge packet that has all of the vendors listed in it. So getting around is fairly easy. Click Here for a floor layout.

MATS Floorplan
Since MATS is so massive, it is easy to get lost, so make sure to grab one of the booklets as soon as you walk in. They have a pullout, multipage map for your ease of navigation.

MATS is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The show attracts 70,000 attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad.

You get to see concerts, meet new people. See new innovations, like GoPhore and Walmart’s concept truck that was unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2014.
Concept Auto Carrier

It is a blast and we recommend that you and your family and co-workers come on by the show. If you can’t make it this year, there are other shows all the time. They just are not on the scale of MATS. One that does come to mind is the Great American Truck show in Dallas, Texas. What is your favorite thing about these shows?

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