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Automated vehicles stealing jobs?

As of right now, they aren’t, but what is there to stop them in the future? Obviously, I am not referring to a “Terminator” type take over. I just mean why pay truck drivers, taxis, uber, etc to drive when a robot could do it for free? The tech is not quite there yet, but when it does get there. Who is to say that these things might not start happening? How much would this hurt or enhance the transportation industry?

I just mean why pay truck drivers, taxis, uber, etc to drive when a robot could do it for free?

Laws and Regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Safety Administration is holding two public meetings this spring to gather insights. The main objective is to gather information about issues related to the safety of automated vehicles. This will help the NHSTA provide manufacturers a list of guideline for building automated vehicles. Using NHTSA’s existing authority to interpret current regulations, and offer limited exemptions from those regulations, in pursuit of advances that could increase safety.

Where it is now

As of right now the NHSTA declared that in its initial findings that there are specific aspects that will make it difficult to deploy automated vehicles. This makes complete sense, though. The technology isn’t there yet. albeit, we are making huge leaps and bounds forward in progressing the technology. Do you really think that the trucking industry can be replaced by automated vehicles?

The technology isn’t there yet.

What will happen?

Maybe it will be nice, you just sit there and relax until you get to your destination. Then load the vehicle (depending on your job description). If you haul cars and use auto carrier software, then you would just have to wait until you need to load more to your carrier. This sounds nice doesn’t it? So there are many ways that automated vehicles could change the way the world is. Right now I don’t think that we have much to worry about.

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