• Monitoring Drivers

Monitoring drivers

So I am sure that we are all familiar with eLog Books, dash cams, and GPS tracking devices. Yet that is not what this article is about.

You can learn a lot of things about drivers by observing their moments in the cab. How do they interact with their instruments, are they focusing on the road, do they text and drive, are they swerving or are they driving perfectly? There is already some tech that will monitor these different driving habits and report them to safety officers in the company. This article will discuss the latest iteration of new safety tech.

The New Tech

The company ,Maven, has created a wireless headset for drivers that does all of this. It pairs with their mobile app and helps the drivers with navigation, voice commands, making phone calls, and so much more. The real application is that not only does it help the driver, it helps the company. Through a monitoring system inside of it that tracks head movement to help prevent accidents. It detect head bobs or completely still movement, which is a precursor to driver fatigue. Also, it will check that the driver is looking side to side at their instruments.

What this means for fleets

This new tech will allow reporting on driving habits. So dispatchers will receive live updates to how their drivers are on the road. They will soon have reports that will actively warn fleets of reckless or drowsy driving. Fleet managers can monitor everything from a web portal. How awesome is this that we can automate yet another part of the industry!?

Will it be a love/hate thing?

It is possible that for drivers having yet another regulation that they have enacted by their company, they will not be happy. Yet, I foresee this being more generally accepted by the industry due to the additional safety features that this brings to the table. Allowing a safer road and less likely chance of fatigue-related accidents.

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