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Are Physical Text / Books Dead?

Amazon loves trying to get everyone on their kindle e-reader bandwagon. Yet as an avid reader, I just can’t get myself to read my own personal e-reader. I actually like to have the paperback and build a library. For long-haul truck drivers is physical media dead? I mean if you are on the road and maybe even having a driving partner, wouldn’t you want to read part of the time? So if that is true; e-readers, tablets, and whatnot seem to the make the most sense for people in the industry. (post your thoughts below).

New Versions of E-readers

Tablets are becoming much handier and e-readers are getting smaller, case in point Amazon’s newest iteration of their Kindle has quite the twist to it. It is tiny, but can fit in your pocket to have on the go reading. That seems a lot easier than bringing the entire Lord of The Rings series with you on a trip, huh? Yet do you really want to have it on a mobile device that can run out of battery?

What do you Prefer?

What and why do you prefer one medium more than another? Comment below

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