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What they are going for

In my other article: Drones, Amazon, and transport I discussed some of Amazon’s breakthroughs with their drones. Yet there is no worry about these coming into the trucking industry. They will be capable of very light-weight duties, such as maybe loads around 50-100lbs. For a LTL load around 1,000lbs the drone would have to be massive to carry something that large. So that is out of the question. So what are some other companies like google doing?

Google Autonomous Trend

Since Google doesn’t want to deal with drones they are looking at an “autonomous delivery platform.” Where a network of trucks with locker type compartments on it. Wherever they are delivering it to the receiver will have a locker number and pin to open it. Once they get the driverless truck perfected viola no more drivers.

So What To Do?

Think about all the extra time that you will have when you just can sit there and let your truck drive itself. You could binge watch Netflix then take a nap while your truck takes you to your destination (Just got a thought, how would this affect your pay? How do you think it will?). There is a patent that just came out to make your truck a literal rolling movie theater called “the autonomous entertainment system.

Is it too much?

With how much technology is over running our day to day lives, is this just going too far? We are so obsessed with furthering all areas of life with tech we never really sit back and ask if we should. This is an entire industry that could be automated, but should it be?

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