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The life of an auto hauler is quite exciting; each day brings a new and interesting challenge as no two days at work are the same. While those are the perks of the job, there’s no denying that it can be a tad on the stressful side too. Or rather, it used to be before the technological geniuses came up with software to make their jobs a heck of a lot easier. We’re not just talking any software here; we’re talking GoPhore, the best software anyone in the auto hauling industry could ever ask for.

GoPhore, in its very simplest terms, is a secure, web-based software designed to be used by anyone in the auto hauling industry. So what makes GoPhore so special and ground breaking, you ask yourselves? GoPhore can be used for pretty much everything in the autohauling industry; dispatching, tracking, quoting, auctions and even customer notifications and ePODs, GoPhore has you covered.

The software makes it easy for the driver to plan their route quickly and conveniently with its easy to use drag and drop feature. Drag and drop the orders, and your trip will be laid out for you. And the great thing is that you can schedule lots of trips for one single driver at the same time, which is something that couldn’t really be achieved before. Pretty cool, right?

That’s not all the GoPhore does, either. It has the capability to capture customer signatures, meaning you don’t have to travel around with heavy books and constantly worry about losing your pen or the customer accidentally running off with it. You can even record your expenses such as fuel as you go along, making it easier to settle with your employer when the time comes.

GoPhore is great for the customer too thanks to the auto-tracking and auto-updating features. This means that they will know exactly where you are, so they can prepare themselves for your arrival. Perfect if you’re running a little late due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or road accidents. Happy customers that aren’t stuck behind the door waiting for their package are always a good thing. Other features which are great for the customers include the automated emails, which are sent when the item is dispatched, picked up by the driver, on its way, and of course, delivered. This is particularly important if the package was delivered to a neighbour; they won’t be able to get away with saying it wasn’t delivered and keeping it themselves (something which unfortunately has happened in the past) as the customer will have a direct notification that it arrived safely.

If you want to try GoPhore for yourself but don’t want to fully commit to buying it without testing it out, then you’re in luck as you can start a free 30 day trial by clicking here. What are you waiting for?

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