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Convertible Trailers

For the longest time convertible trailers in the United States ran into a lot of legislation hurdles and regulations prohibiting their use. This particularly made it difficult for CTM (Convertible Trailer Manufacturers) to do business here. Before diving deeper into the exciting changes that are coming to this industry, lets get some definitions out of the way.

A convertible trailer is a piece of equipment that can carry cars, then be converted to carry freight. These also have the capability for carrying a combination of the two. Pretty exciting for the white-glove moving services, huh? Move house-hold goods and their cars in one shipment! As you can tell these trailers open a myriad of opportunities for logistics companies.

What is new in the US?

New regulations! The US has made revisions to the highway law to allow haulers to carry both cars and freight on the same tractor & trailer. Now that there aren’t limitations on what combination logistics companies can carry there is an entire new market for you all to tap into. With that being said, this also allows convertible trailer manufacturers the ability to expand their markets significantly into the United States and Canada.

Stinger Models are also included in this new legislation:

Stinger convertible trailer

More benefits

This new legislation will prevent your company from running dead-headed. Did you know that an estimated 38 Billion dollars is lost annually in the automotive industry, due to empty loads?  You will be able to open up to more brokers and always have a loaded trailer.   This legislation also allow U.S. carriers to have more overhang. So this means you can have cars hanging further off of your rig, but can’t exceed current weight limits.

How do you think this will affect your company? Will you expand into these new markets? Place your thoughts in the comment section below.

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