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How Tesla’s Model 3 Will Affect Auto Hauling Companies

Tesla’s Model 3 has over 400,000 pre-orders for their new vehicle. It is a stunning number given Tesla has not been around that long and the cars while great are not perfect. The cars are still an evolving technology platform.

The real opportunity is for well-run auto hauling companies. That means no Joe’s Bar and Grill auto hauler is going to be able to cash in what will likely be a boon to the auto hauling business. We are talking about firms with state of the art auto hauling software, I know, I did know that kind of software existed either, and the shipping infrastructure to accommodate the preferences of its customers.

The best auto hauling companies will have the following capabilities:

Auto Hauling Services

The best auto haulers should provide services that allows last minute requests to ship as well as thought out moves that include shipping a vehicle. They should be able to pick and drop the car from anywhere to anywhere, even though, what’s most convenient is door to door delivery. The car hauler should be able to deliver the car without a scratch. If there is a problem, insurance is an option on the transport, and can cover the cost of any kind of stolen or accident scenario. On top of that the company must be able to manage its supply chain through great software, which allows it to to track and monitor its vehicles in transit, more on that in minute.

There are several options in when considering how to haul a vehicle. The most inexpensive way open auto transport, which has the car on large trucks with cars stacked three deep on a lattice platform of metal and chain. We all have seen these trucks plenty of times. The is that the vehicles are completely exposed to the elements. Quite simply, there is no protection from the wind, rain and temperature changes. The car gets extremely dirty.

The best way to move luxury vehicles is either by soft sided carrier which is most often a canvas covering that, completely covers the car or enclosed transport which, is a essentially a metal box that the car is placed in, where it is protected from extreme temperature changes and remains relatively clean during hauling.

Point to Point

Many Tesla Model 3 owners will likely be looking for door to door to delivery at some point during their ownership of the vehicle. Most auto transport companies are set up to do this, however, you have another option. You can arrange to have your car delivered at some location other then your doorstep if you choose. This option gives you the flexibility to accommodate changing travel schedules or other preferences you many have.


A professional auto hauler should also be able to provide storage services. A place to hold the vehicle that is safe, temperature controlled and clean. This service is just an extension of how your car should be handled from time of pickup.

Auto Hauling Software

Finally, whether its Tesla’s Model 3 or other notable brands the auto hauling company should have the ability to handle an anticipated surge in business ,because of the efficiencies brought by good software. Fundamentally, the software to be able to handle, leads, Internet quotes, orders, insurance purchases, tracking and reporting. There is an opportunity coming to this industry for the best organized firms. And for the auto haulers who aren’t ready, you still have a bit of time to put your systems in place. Tesla expects to begin Model 3 deliveries in 2017, Industry insiders say it wont be until sometime in 2018.

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