GoPhore Release Notes  Version 3.0

Released 04/12/2020

We are very excited to announce this release!  You have spoken and we listened!

New Mobile App Features:

  1. The Big One:  Multiple BOLs combined on a single stop location.   While in dispatch place similar Pickups or Deliveries next to each other in the Trip builder and it will auto-combine them in the app… what this means:
    1. When a driver arrives at a location that has multiple BOLs to be picked up or delivered they will see all BOLs & VINs listed.
    2. All work can be done on a single screen
    3. Capture Signatures ONCE for multiple BOLs
    4. Outgate ONCE for multiple BOLs
    5. ALL BOLs are updated at once!
  2. Ability to indicate if there is EXTRA CARGO in the vehicle.
    1. This will create a pronote and email the dispatcher that there is extra cargo in the vehicle.
  3. Flat Theme update
    1. Not only does this eliminate the issue with double scrolling, it speeds up the App significantly.
  4. Trip Selection screen is now in chronological order (Newest on top)
  5. Buttons are now at the top of expanded rows.
  6. Larger buttons for ease of use.
  7. Chrysler VICs damage reporting
  8. Compatibility and stability fixes for iOS 13.4

New Desktop Features:

  1. Place similar stops next to each other on the Trip builder to combine them in the driver app.
  2. Ability to set default BOL print type (Straight, Rail, Short)  Contact us to default your selection
  3. Printing Invoices now creates ProNotes
  4. Ability to search by BOL Payment type.  Collect on delivery, pre-paid, on Account, etc.  (From Dispatch order search and BOL Dashboard)
  5. Ability to append Driver Name and Phone number to Tracking Email Notifications.  (Click the check box next to notification email in the customer profile)
  6. FCA Billing Dashboard functionality and EDI Compliance
  7. Volvo Billing Dashboard functionality and EDI Compliance
  8. Mercedes Billing functionality and EDI Compliance
  9. Bentley Billing functionality and EDI Compliance
  10. Email Notification stability improvements
  11. Ability to have Terms and Conditions always show for clients, but not when you print inside GoPhore (Contact us to turn on)
  12. Auction Enabled Features
  13. Now anyone can Type in Mileage on a BOL even without a PC Miler API.
  14. The Consignee information from a BOL now goes into the “Ship To” field in Quickbooks desktop and online.
  15. In Settings >ICL Rates you can now manually update rates for all integrated ICL OEMs
  16. Ability to have Weight per VIN and total Approx Weight print on BOLs (Contact us to turn on)