August 2016

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Two Resources to Help Auto Transporters Find Hotels

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Many auto transporters use hotels while on the road.

But finding a truck friendly hotel can be a challenge – especially for low clearance car hauler trailers.  I’m going to tell you about two resources that I use when I want to find a truck friendly hotel anywhere in the U.S.

Resource 1: helps auto

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  • GoPhore Release 1.1

GoPhore Update 1.1

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Wahoo! Another great Release

Last Friday we released version 1.1 of the mobile application and added a bunch of features to GoPhore Web.

What’s New in the mobile app?

[checklist icon=”fa-star” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”13px” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=””]New Work-Flow feature helps guide drivers to the next event in the mobile app.[/li_item]

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